Dear Disenfranchised Democrats…

Dear Disenfranchised Democrats,

We know that you must be appalled by the incoming administration. We can only imagine the frustration that you must feel watching Donald Trump make a mockery of the highest office in the land. We also know that deep within you may feel as though your own party let you down by running a candidate with such incredible baggage, and by cheating the deserved candidate out of his rightful nomination. We know your heart aches and that emptiness you feel in the pit of your stomach over all of this. For many of you, it may have also recently become apparent that over the past several years our government has been more violent than ever (having dropped 26,000 bombs on 7 different countries in the past year alone), and now there are tremendous powers that have been given to the Executive Branch that are only days away from being placed in the hands of Mr. Trump.

We do not say this in jest, and we are not mocking you in any way. We are equally sickened by all of this. We know that the primary reason that most of you are liberal is because you are socially tolerant. You feel that a woman should have control of her own body, and people should be free to marry who they choose. You want to see a world where people are not targeted for the color of their skin or religious affiliation. You are concerned about the privacy and civil rights of the people. You detest war, and would love to see peace and prosperity. These are the reasons most of you consider yourselves Democrats.

So what will you do about it? Can you stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president? Why do so many people like him? Why is “fake news” such a buzz phrase these days? How can you accomplish all the things that you want to see done if the sentiment of so many people is that the mainstream media and the government are corrupt? You can wait for President Trump to ruin the country, or hope for a rising star in the Democratic Party to come along and sweep the nation off its feet again like Mr. Obama did in 2008. But the country is changing. People do not trust the government or media anymore, the same people who were considered to be the arbiters of truth only a few short years ago.

So how can you tap into the pulse of the nation while still maintaining your values and your socially liberal viewpoints? Join the Libertarian Party. Or simply consider getting to know us better. We won’t presume to know what you are thinking, but we do know that some of you may be concerned with certain positions on drugs or education, or you may wonder how we can care for the poor, and disenfranchised in our society. You may have questions about how we would deal with infrastructure, or how we can be protected from big corporations taking advantage of us all. But you will never see eye to eye 100% with any political party, and we promise that if you look into the Libertarian Party you will be happy with what you see. We want the same thing that you do. We want people to be free to live the lives they want to live without fear of their government. Those words ring truer now than they ever have before. This is an important moment for you. You can choose to throw up your hands in defeat for the next 4 years, or you can consider joining the party of true tolerance for all people. We are your brothers and sisters. Let’s join forces to make the Libertarian Party what it was always meant to be. The party of the people.

Liberty Link Media Group (fb post 1/15/2017)

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